Part-Worn Tyres FAQ's


Below are a few FAQ’s about part-worn tyres. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01273 (Brighton) or 01903821524 (Worthing).

Where do you source your tyres?

Our tyres do not come from crashed vehicles. The tyres come from reputable retail shops and main dealers that simply fit new sets leaving many of the tyres in excellent condition and reusable.

Are part-worn tyres safe?

Absolutley. Each tyre is examined thoroughly both internally and externally. If any defects are found, the tyre will be discarded for recycling. We will not fit a tyre that has been poorly repaired or is internally damaged. Our tyres may be part-worn, but they are perfectly safe having met stringent checks.

Do part-worn tyres invalidate my vehicle insurance?

Absolutely not. Any second-hand car can come with part-worn tyres so there are no measures in place for this. With our tyres you can rest assured they have been inspected and are perfectly fit for purpose.

Other retailers such as ATS, Kwikfit and Euromaster say that part-worn tyres are dangerous. Is this true?

No – not if the tyres are poorly inspected and tested. We sell thousands of tyres every week, saving our customers a small fortune over the cost of brand new tyres. In many cases, our tyres have covered very few miles. New tyre sales in this country are in slow decline because of the rise in popularity of part-worn tyres. Anyone selling tyres (new or part-worn) should be doing so with safety as the biggest priority which is exacly what we do at Payless Tyres.

Do you balance the wheels after fitting tyres?

Of course. Wheel balancing is included with the price of all our tyres. This is done on our digital, dynamic wheel balancer that balances both the inner and outer sections of the wheel. This ensures there will be no wheel vibrations at higher speeds.

Do your tyres come with warranty?

Yes. Due to our extreme confidence in our tyres, we can offer a lifetime guarantee on most of our part-worn tyres. For peace of mind, a lifetime guarantee will cover you in the very unlikely event that your tyre develops a fault due to the manufacturing process or materials used. Click here to find out more.

What about the age of your part-worn tyres?

Tyres do eventually degrade with age but this takes many years. We visually inspect each tyre. We do not sell tyres that are too old, have any defects or have prematurely aged. We can check the age of a tyre via the manufacturer’s stamp or through more thorough tests.

Do you sell run flat tyres?

Yes we do. Click here to find out more.

Are part-worn tyres a false economy?

Not at all. There are huge differences between a brand new budget Chinese tyre compared to a six-month old pereli tyre. The cost of a brand new Pereli will be 3-4 times greater than the budget tyre. It will have better grip, less road noise, use less fuel and last longer. The used Pereli will cost slightly less than a new budget tyre resulting in better peace of mind and much better value all round.